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Warming You Up for Wifey

I heard that you and your wife are having a little marital discord. Can’t find the same “spark” that you used to in the bedroom? Well luckily for you, your wife hired ME to help spice things up. I mean, you can’t get hard for her any more, so she thought that a younger, sexier hotter girl such as myself could get you hard for her. I am very good at teasing men and getting them SO rock hard. What do you think? Have you ever seen such a perfect set of tits in front of you? My very firm and sexy ass is much hotter than your old, frumpy wife! LOL! Why don’t you stroke for my sexy body, but no cumming! We don’t want to get wifey upset! Wow! It does seem as though you really can’t contain yourself and might burst! Tell you what, if you pay me double what your wife gave me I’ll give you the BEST orgasm you ever had! You know you can’t resist me, Mister, so keep jerking it!