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Rene’s Cuckold Husband

You’re so lucky to be married to Rene. But when you come home early from a business trip, you’re in for a shock! You’re about to walk into the bedroom when you hear something… it’s your wife fucking someone else! Instead of barging into the room enraged, you surprise yourself by pausing, considering what to do. You stand outside the door, listening to your wife moan on another man’s cock and suddenly, you’ve sprung a boner! You watch and wait, until you see the other man slip into the bathroom. You enter the room to find me, your beautiful wife, lying in the bed in a post orgasmic glow. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know you’d be home early! I… I’m so sorry! Yes, I was fucking another man, I’m sure you heard… but why don’t you look upset? In fact, you look, excited!