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Good Little Pet

You’re so cute, trying to be a good husband, faithful to your vows. Then you take a glance at me and your cock betrays those vows of yours. You forget all about your wife and you just want to be my good little pet. My luscious cleavage, gorgeous body, and flawless face e******e you and make you weak for me! When I reach out and stroke you behind the ear, petting you like my own little doggy, doesn’t that feel good? Yes, I can see your eyes rolling back with pleasure as my soft hands caress you. You want to be a good boy for Princess, don’t you? You want to please me, you want nothing more in the world than to please me! That’s a good little pet. [Includes sensual domination, femdom pov, mental mindfuck, Goddess worship, findom, puppy play, tit worship. Shot in HD.]