Warning: Adult Content


The Boss’s Daughter

Ah, the boss’s step-daughter. She’s so hot! When she comes into your office, you should be a bit worried. In no time at all, I’ll manipulate you into taking over my work, so that I can go party with my girlfriends and fuck my man during the work day. I’m so beautiful, though, its worth it, especially when I give you something in return for helping me–you’ve needed a good release, haven’t you? Just don’t tell anyone what’s going on here, or my step-daddy will find out that you made a pass at me and your job will be gone, just like that!

[Includes sensual domination, blackmail fantasy, ass worship, JOI, cock tease, femdom pov, domination, office play, brat girls, blonde goddess worship, mental manipulation. Shot in HD.]

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Hopelessly Addicted

My slave  is so hopelessly addicted to me & I bet you are too! Always checking my sites to see what updates I have, commissioning custom clips, relishing your Princess Rene jerk off time. You fucking love being my little addict! You’re so addicted you’d rather jerk off to me than have sex & stroking to me feels soooo fucking good! Keep feeding your addiction while you beat it to my fine ass, slave! [Includes JOI, femdom pov, ass worship, humiliation, cock tease. Shot in HD.]

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StepBrother’s Foot Fetish

It’s movie night at our house but, too bad, step-mom can’t make it! It’s just you and me, step-brother. Oh well, let’s watch! Hey, wait, what are you staring at? You like my pedicure? Ummm, that’s weird. Stop staring at my feet! Are you some kind of foot fetish guy? Omg you totally love feet, don’t you?! Well, in that case, what would you give to sniff my soles? I bet you would do my chores to lick my toes… I bet you would give me your allowance if I rub my perfect feet on your boner…

[Includes foot worship, sensual domination, blackmail fantasy, femdom pov, taboo foot domination, simulated foot job & more. Shot in HD.]

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The Masseuse

So, boss, you wanted to talk to me? Yes, I know I’m your top earner, isn’t it great! How do I do that only working one day a week? What are you getting at here? Omg! Another girl here at work is saying that I’m doing sexual favors for my massage customers and THAT’S why I make so much money?! That’s not true. I don’t even have to touch my customers! Want to see what I mean? Come on, I’ll show you how I instruct my customers in the art of self massage. Let’s both get comfortable and I’ll show you just how I’ve been making so much money! (This clip was a request as a spin off of my clip. “The Facialist.”)

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Spying on Sis

You were in my room snooping when you hear me come home from school. You quickly hide in the closet, only to get much more than you bargained for! I’m horny since my boyfriend has been out of town for a week. After a quick, sexy call with my guy, I’m super horny. I start rubbing my body, getting sooo turned on… until I notice YOU peeping out from the closet! WTF! Look, you can’t tell step-mom and step-dad what you saw, they think I’m still a virgin and all. If you promise not to tell, I’ll let you stroke for me… and I’ll give you the BEST ORGASM of your LOSER LIFE!

[Includes taboo femdom pov, JOI, blackmail fantasy, brat girls, ass worship, cock tease, 18 & 19 year old, taboo, step-sister, voyeur. Shot in HD.]

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Good Little Pet

You’re so cute, trying to be a good husband, faithful to your vows. Then you take a glance at me and your cock betrays those vows of yours. You forget all about your wife and you just want to be my good little pet. My luscious cleavage, gorgeous body, and flawless face e******e you and make you weak for me! When I reach out and stroke you behind the ear, petting you like my own little doggy, doesn’t that feel good? Yes, I can see your eyes rolling back with pleasure as my soft hands caress you. You want to be a good boy for Princess, don’t you? You want to please me, you want nothing more in the world than to please me! That’s a good little pet. [Includes sensual domination, femdom pov, mental mindfuck, Goddess worship, findom, puppy play, tit worship. Shot in HD.]

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Devious Daydreams

I’ve called you into my office to have a serious discussion. A lot of women have complained to me that you’re creeping them out. They say you just sit there and stare at them, practically drooling, and its almost like you’re daydreaming. This odd (bordering on lewd!) behavior has got to stop! I can’t have a “creep” working in my office! …Hello? Hellllooo? See, you’re doing it now, you’re slipping into daydreams about me! Its probably because you never get laid so your poor brain can’t help it. Regardless, you’d better stop or you’re fired!

[Includes femdom pov, domination, cock tease, goddess worship, humiliation, JOI. Shot in HD.]

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Step-Brother’s Fantasy

You’re having the most amazing, kinky dream about your hot step-sister, Rene. Its so intense, you’ve rested-walked into her room and are jerking at her bedside. “Oh, step-brother, I’m still a virgin but I’ve always wanted to know what its like to have a big cock inside of me!” You begin moaning her name …and that’s when she wakes up! WTF are you doing in my room you creep?! EW, you’re jerking off to your STEP-SISTER?! You are such a pervert! I should just call our parents in here and reveal you for the freak that you are!

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Barbie’s Bitch

You’re such a pervert! Can’t get a real girlfriend so you’re always defiling Barbie, feeling her up and having naughty fantasies about her. And you always wish that Barbie would come alive so you could take her on a date and fuck her! Well, your wish has come true! Magically, Barbie has turned into a real, live, buxom blonde! Will she fuck you? More like turn you into her bitch!

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Therapy for Your Foot Fetish

So your foot fetish is so consuming that you’ve decided to seek therapy for it? Yes, I see all the signs of an obsessive foot fetishist. You can’t even get an erection with a woman’s feet in your face! Well, I think I can help you but first, I wonder… what would you do if I put my wrinkled soles in your face? Don’t worry, this is purely to help you get over your foot fetish!

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