Warning: Adult Content


The Boss’s Daughter

Ah, the boss’s step-daughter. She’s so hot! When she comes into your office, you should be a bit worried. In no time at all, I’ll manipulate you into taking over my work, so that I can go party with my girlfriends and fuck my man during the work day. I’m so beautiful, though, its worth it, especially when I give you something in return for helping me–you’ve needed a good release, haven’t you? Just don’t tell anyone what’s going on here, or my step-daddy will find out that you made a pass at me and your job will be gone, just like that!

[Includes sensual domination, blackmail fantasy, ass worship, JOI, cock tease, femdom pov, domination, office play, brat girls, blonde goddess worship, mental manipulation. Shot in HD.]

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New Jimmy Choos

My financial sub took me shopping and bought me the most gorgeous, expensive Jimmy Choo stilettos. You will be positively drooling over these sexy high heels! I’ll tease you while you become transfixed by the holographic leather and sparkly gems adorning my feet. Jerk for me and my sexy new shoes!

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Hopelessly Addicted

My slave  is so hopelessly addicted to me & I bet you are too! Always checking my sites to see what updates I have, commissioning custom clips, relishing your Princess Rene jerk off time. You fucking love being my little addict! You’re so addicted you’d rather jerk off to me than have sex & stroking to me feels soooo fucking good! Keep feeding your addiction while you beat it to my fine ass, slave! [Includes JOI, femdom pov, ass worship, humiliation, cock tease. Shot in HD.]

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Jerk for Me Instead of Fucking her

so much hotter than your wife. Even in my pajamas I’m hotter than her! She’s old and flabby and drab and I’m young and beautiful and sexy. In fact, I want you to admit that you think I’m prettier than her. I want you to jerk for me today instead of fucking her. That’s right, stroke it to my hot ass and lets see just who owns that dick! You can’t resist my long blonde hair, chestnut eyes, and body. If you really think you prefer her, go for it–turn off the clip. But, really, you and I both know that you’d rather masturbate to me than fuck her!

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You Can Look At Me But You’ll Never Touch Me

You can look at me all you want… you frequently do. But, you know what, loser? You’ll never EVER touch me! You’ll never take me on a date, never fuck me. You’ll never kiss my luscious lips or even sniff my toes! The closest you’ll ever be to me is your fucking computer screen. My man gets to touch me, smell me, taste me, feel me. You? All you get to do is look from afar! At least I allow you that much! [Includes JOI, sensual domination, cock tease, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, goddess worship, ass worship, humiliation, femdom pov. Shot in HD.]

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Women Rule the World

Do you think that males rule the world? Do you think that men are powerful and hold all the cards? They are always the world leaders and big CEO’s who hold so much power! Well, i’m going to tell you a secret. Even the most powerful man in the entire world can be manipulated by his cock! LOL All males have this weakness. It’s so easy for us women to control and manipulate you to get what we want. We are the ones that really own the world! All I have to do is wiggle my hot ass in front of you and you will be mine! Stroke for me you pathetic loser! [Includes femdom pov, domination, cock tease, goddess worship, humiliation, JOI. Shot in HD.]

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The Masseuse

So, boss, you wanted to talk to me? Yes, I know I’m your top earner, isn’t it great! How do I do that only working one day a week? What are you getting at here? Omg! Another girl here at work is saying that I’m doing sexual favors for my massage customers and THAT’S why I make so much money?! That’s not true. I don’t even have to touch my customers! Want to see what I mean? Come on, I’ll show you how I instruct my customers in the art of self massage. Let’s both get comfortable and I’ll show you just how I’ve been making so much money! (This clip was a request as a spin off of my clip. “The Facialist.”)

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Spying on Sis

You were in my room snooping when you hear me come home from school. You quickly hide in the closet, only to get much more than you bargained for! I’m horny since my boyfriend has been out of town for a week. After a quick, sexy call with my guy, I’m super horny. I start rubbing my body, getting sooo turned on… until I notice YOU peeping out from the closet! WTF! Look, you can’t tell step-mom and step-dad what you saw, they think I’m still a virgin and all. If you promise not to tell, I’ll let you stroke for me… and I’ll give you the BEST ORGASM of your LOSER LIFE!

[Includes taboo femdom pov, JOI, blackmail fantasy, brat girls, ass worship, cock tease, 18 & 19 year old, taboo, step-sister, voyeur. Shot in HD.]

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Obsessed Slave

Look at you. So OBSESSED with Me. How cute. All you grown up men lusting over your Princess Rene! Forget about finding a girlfriend, all you want to do is stroke to Me and spoil Me. It’s because I make your orgasms so damn good. You cum harder and better for Me than you do anyone else. When you stare at this body of perfection, from my long, sexy toned legs to my perfect tits and gorgeous face, you become so obsessed with Me. Go ahead, Pet. Stroke yourself to a mind blowing orgasm for Me. You can’t resist.

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Good Little Pet

You’re so cute, trying to be a good husband, faithful to your vows. Then you take a glance at me and your cock betrays those vows of yours. You forget all about your wife and you just want to be my good little pet. My luscious cleavage, gorgeous body, and flawless face e******e you and make you weak for me! When I reach out and stroke you behind the ear, petting you like my own little doggy, doesn’t that feel good? Yes, I can see your eyes rolling back with pleasure as my soft hands caress you. You want to be a good boy for Princess, don’t you? You want to please me, you want nothing more in the world than to please me! That’s a good little pet. [Includes sensual domination, femdom pov, mental mindfuck, Goddess worship, findom, puppy play, tit worship. Shot in HD.]

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