Warning: Adult Content


Devious Daydreams

I’ve called you into my office to have a serious discussion. A lot of women have complained to me that you’re creeping them out. They say you just sit there and stare at them, practically drooling, and its almost like you’re daydreaming. This odd (bordering on lewd!) behavior has got to stop! I can’t have a “creep” working in my office! …Hello? Hellllooo? See, you’re doing it now, you’re slipping into daydreams about me! Its probably because you never get laid so your poor brain can’t help it. Regardless, you’d better stop or you’re fired!

[Includes femdom pov, domination, cock tease, goddess worship, humiliation, JOI. Shot in HD.]

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A Reminder from Rene

Sometimes you slaves need a reminder of where you stand in life… that is, NOT standing at all! You belong on your knees before me. You’re a slave, a submissive, and you need to be reminded of that. Today, if you want to stroke for me, you’re going to have to subject yourself to some pain. And, naturally, you will be kneeling for me throughout the entirety of this clip, as you always should be in my divine presence. NOTE: You will need a bag of rice for this clip!

[Includes JOI, sensual domination, cock tease, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, goddess worship, ass worship, humiliation, femdom pov. Shot in HD.]

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Barbie’s Bitch

You’re such a pervert! Can’t get a real girlfriend so you’re always defiling Barbie, feeling her up and having naughty fantasies about her. And you always wish that Barbie would come alive so you could take her on a date and fuck her! Well, your wish has come true! Magically, Barbie has turned into a real, live, buxom blonde! Will she fuck you? More like turn you into her bitch!

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The Only Way You’re Cumming Today

You wanna cum today? The only way you’re cumming today is by ANAL pleasures! Yep, that’s right. Don’t even think about touching your cock. Nope. You can, however, use your fingers, a vibrator, dildo, baseball bat (lol) or any other utensil to pleasure yourself anally and make yourself orgasm. Ill even help you by teasing you with my hot body and encouraging you. If you cant achieve release by fucking yourself in the butt, then too bad. it’ll be blue balls for you!

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Worship Rene in Sexy Boots

I bet My boots make your cock SO hard. It feels sooo good to stroke for My boots. All your cares and worries slip away as you focus on them. You love when I tease you with them, waving them in your face… so close you can almost reach out and touch them, taste them. Worship at the feet of your Goddess Rene, slave!

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Rene’s Cuckold Husband

You’re so lucky to be married to Rene. But when you come home early from a business trip, you’re in for a shock! You’re about to walk into the bedroom when you hear something… it’s your wife fucking someone else! Instead of barging into the room enraged, you surprise yourself by pausing, considering what to do. You stand outside the door, listening to your wife moan on another man’s cock and suddenly, you’ve sprung a boner! You watch and wait, until you see the other man slip into the bathroom. You enter the room to find me, your beautiful wife, lying in the bed in a post orgasmic glow. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know you’d be home early! I… I’m so sorry! Yes, I was fucking another man, I’m sure you heard… but why don’t you look upset? In fact, you look, excited!

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Irresistible Ass

I look so mind-blowingly amazing in this tiny shiny bikini! And the best part of all? My ASS! You can just sit back and get lost in my ass, waving in front of your face in this tiny little shiny bikini bottom that barely covers a thing! Come on, slave, you know you want to worship this royal butt. Be careful, though, you might find yourself completely mindfucked and utterly addicted to my butt after watching this sexy booty tease!

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Good Luck on Your Date

You got a date?! Really? Wow… Poor girl. Well I don’t know why you’re on my site before your date (oh wait, you’re probably addicted!) but now you MUST buy this clip! I’m going to make you cum for me before your date! Why? For many reasons, which I’ll spell out for you but, primarily, because I own that cum, not some other girl! ME! Got it? Now stroke it for your Superior Mistress before your little date. I’m sure you’ll be crawling back to me later.

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The Girl Next Door

We’ve been neighbors for so long, we tell each other secrets, right? Well I have one for you! You know how you’ve recently started dating my good friend Danielle? Well, she told me tonight is the night she’s going to give it up! She’s totally gonna fuck you tonight! But, you’re probably nervous… I mean, what if you prematurely ejaculate!? That would be totally humiliating. Here, I can help! Just stroke out a nice big orgasm for me and then you don’t have to worry about not having stamina for Danielle.

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Step-Dad Loves Scissor Holds

Hi, Step-Daddy. Whatcha doing? Watching TV? I need your complete attention, let me take that TV remote from you. I was using your computer and found out something very interesting. I know all about your little scissor-hold fetish. You LOVE seeing girls wrap their strong, sexy legs around helpless men. Aren’t my legs sexy and toned? I bet you would love these legs wrapped around your waist! Let me sit on your lap, I have something to tell you. I’m surprised you haven’t stumbled upon my website. I do a lot of scissorhold videos that always seem to go #1 in the scissorhold category. That’s right, your little girl makes about $250K a year, five times what you make! Well, I do need more videos for my site so I think I’m going to film this session with you. In fact, I’m recording this right now. You like how my legs are wrapped around your waist? Are you getting hard for me? Oh my, how naughty!

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