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   How To Be a Better Financial Piggy


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You want to be a better financial Piggy? You want to know how you can please me and spoil me. I'm going to be ever-so-generous and give you some great tips on how you can scrimp and save every last penny so that you can lavish me with more gifts and pay for my expensive vacations! So, you want to be a better financial pay slave for me? Watch this clip, dummy, and start sacrificing for your Princess! You know it feels so good.  
Scissor Hold

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When guys  don't do their chores properly, they get scolded! Today, Jason has irked me to the point of my wanting to wrestle him! Watch him  as I wrestle him to the ground! I look so incredibly stunning in this hot femdom clip... I'll take YOUR breath away!

Cuckold PantyHose Foot Worship

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My cuckold is such a good boy, always spending so much time with me and taking me on really nice dates. Well, tonight I decided I will finally give him a little treat! But, it's not the treat he thinks he's gonna get. As his reward, I'm going to allow him to worship my worn pantyhose and sexy feet. Isn't he a lucky cuckie?!

I Love To Control Your Cock

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I love controlling your cock. Do you know why? It makes me money. A ton of money. That's right. I have THOUSANDS of slaves and fans that want me to be their "cock commander," telling them how to stroke their cocks. You know you cant resist me and my sexy, toned, tight body. Serving me is the pinnacle of your life. Without me you are nothing. Now pay, pay slave, and cum HARD for your sexy Princess Rene! [Includes femdom pov, JOI, humiliation, domination, mindfuck, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, cock tease, ass worship, legs, goddess worship. Shot in HD.]

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I now accept Bitcoins as a payment method! Click here to pay with Bitcoins.