I am now accepting monthly memberships with Bitcoins! Simply send the correct number of Bitcoins (calculated below) to my Bitcoin address : 1EKLmLo7XABpyJs1oLeL7b5S98ivcHvt5c Once I confirm receipt of your Bitcoins, I will email you your username and password that will be usable for one month access to My Members site.

Email Me at Rene@Worshiprene.com and let me know that you sent Bitcoins. If you are not familiar with Bitcoins, they are a form of e-currency that is becoming more popular. It is very safe and protects your privacy. Follow these steps below in order to purchase Bitcoins:

  • Step 1: Go to www.virwox.com and set up an account. (click on "Not Registered Yet?" on upper left part of website).
  • Step 2: Fill out the information and become a new user. They will email you a temporary password so enter a valid email
  • Step 3: Where it says "My Account", click on "Deposit". You can then add funds to your account using paypal or credit cards.
  • Step 4: Once you deposit money into your account, you need to buy currency that you can convert to Bitcoins. The easist method is to buy SLL (Sierra Leonean Leone)
  • Step 5: Under "Exchange" click on USD/SLL
  • Step 6: On this page, you can exchange your US dollars to SLL
  • Step 7: Click on "Exchange" on the homepage and then click BTC/SLL (This is where you convert your SLL to Bitcoins)
  • Step 8: After you finally have your bitcoins, you click "Withdraw"under "My Account". On that page, you fill out the top option where it says "Withdraw to bitcoin"
  • Step 9: Enter the amount to withdraw and also enter My Bitcoin address: 1EKLmLo7XABpyJs1oLeL7b5S98ivcHvt5c
  • Step 10: Click "Request Withdrawal